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the choices are yours

You pick the fabric, the lining, the buttons, the embroidery and so many other style details, to match the feel and look of your company culture or an important event. Your choices are endless, create the perfect double-breasted cotton suit, a 1-button James Bond look, or a 2-button blazer with coordinated trousers. Better yet, go all the way and create a bold ‘Power Suit’ look for your power-sales team. Made-to-Measure offers you a multitude of solutions to always fit the needs of an individual, a brand, or the culture of your team and for teams above 20 people, we offer custom pricing. Yes, we know it's that good. 


look & fit

After you've decided on the right look, we'll then fit your team, making completely unique patterns per each individual team member - initiating  the production process. The final outcome will be a sharp and stylish team with garments that look and fit great. While enhancing your corporate image, this personalized look and feel will undoubtedly improve your team's confidence and office morale so they can perform at their very best. 

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No Hassle

We know you're busy, so we’ll just come to you, whether at your office or a conference room we can accommodate your schedules. Also, don’t go through the hassle of off-the-rack products or bargain bin purchases. Build the wardrobe of your dreams and build a great team who'll look and feel great. Let the custom experts at Klein Epstein & Parker help you communicate your new stylish company identity. 

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