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Join THe Liberation

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Our belief is that freedom in fashion has arrived, and it's rooted in imagining a world where anyone regardless of race, gender, class, or creed can express themselves at will.

Through the K.E.P. Made to Measure experience, you are inspired to express yourself through creativity and personalization.   So whether you want a classic tuxedo or an edgy party getup, you will be walking away from K.E.P. in an exceptionally fitted and tailored look. With our brand you can pay the same prices as in the department stores, but you get to put your own personal style into every detail. 

We dream to democratize high quality Made-to-Measure fashion, so that you can have your very own look and live your life exactly as you've imagined.


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DemocraTizing Made TO MEasure


JACKETS $448     //     SHIRTS $198

POLOS  $108     //     HENLEYS $128

WAIST COATS $188   //   HOODIES $228

TROUSERS $188     //     TWO PIECE SUITS $598

COATS $698  

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Follow Your Heart

The team at Klein Epstein & Parker has a passion for innovative fashion that is no longer limited to off-the-rack. We want to break from the norm and create a wardrobe that fits exactly to your body type and features, with personalized details that reflect your individual style. We maintain the 'old school values' of Made to Measure, while drawing inspiration from the strong, passionate, and talented visionaries of the past. We facilitate an exemplary in-store and digital customer experience for every client. With the changing times, classic style remains true, and we're here to help you find your own interpretation.

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OUR X FActor

The moment you walk through our doors there's a one-on-one human connection that few brands even attempt or try to replicate. We want you to feel comfortable and at home. 

Our process is built around each individual's needs and desires.  Each client’s unique body measurements are entered into a state of the art Computer-Aided Design system. Every single digital pattern alteration is recorded and laser-cut, creating a perfect pattern replication – like your own fingerprint. You’ll never have to go through the arduous process of unnecessary multiple alteration fittings.

Our team of expertly trained tailors construct each custom garment with an artful hand, with fabrics sourced directly from the finest Italian fabric weavers. 

We get to know you, the client: Your style preferences, your body type, your inspirations. As a starting point, imagine the person you always wanted to be. Got it? Now we’ll guide you from there.


Check out our clients in their custom

Klein Epstein & Parker!

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