Cut & Sew, by Klein Epstein & Parker is a full-service garment revolution and repair service.

Cut & Sew was established on the foundation of building renewed value, creating new opportunity, and revealing your badass self.

Klein Epstein & Parker’s Design Studios throughout the U.S. serve as consultation & drop off locations.


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K.E.P. Cut & Sew was designed with the the movers and shakers in mind. We are aware that today’s world changers don’t have time to waste searching for a tailor, and thus we’ve gathered a team of refined stylists and tailors to ensure all your alteration services are taken care of.

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It is our promise to achieve the desired outcome with the greatest value possible, to always evaluate the investment of alteration versus the cost of Made to Measure, and do so while focused on ensuring that all services are performed to the highest of industry standard. 

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