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Made to Measure is only a difficult concept to understand when you're unaware of how the process works. That's why we’re here. We have all the answers. Follow us through these easy steps. 

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The Process


Now lets get creating shall we? I think we shall. 

·    You choose your fabric. 

·    You choose your lining.

·    You customize your threading.

·    Take your best pick of our wide selection of button options. 

·    You select the perfect embroidery or monogram.

*There are many more style details to choose in the creation process for your own Made to Measure fashion. You'll find things you never knew existed. The options are utterly endless.*

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Quality takes time. So after your consultation with one of our associates, it's just a short 4-5 weeks until you can get your hands on your new personalized garments.  Your measurements will be kept on file to streamline the process when you are ready to create your next K.E.P. fashions to your ever-growing Made to Measure collection. We wouldn't say the process is addicting, but there's a solid chance that you're never going to want to shop off the rack ever again.


Check out how great our clients look in their custom

Klein Epstein & Parker!

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Set Appointment

Set up an appointment now and a K.E.P. expert tailor will measure you for the perfect fit. The process is painless and will only take 15 or 20 minutes. Relax and enjoy a cool drink, while we draft the blueprints for the new you.

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