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The team at Klein Epstein & Parker: Fashion Valley has a passion for innovative fashion that is no longer limited to off-the-rack. We want to break from the norm and create Made to Measure pieces that fit exactly to your body type and features, with personalized details that reflect your individual style. So whether you want a classic tuxedo or an edgy party getup, you will be walking away from K.E.P. in an exceptionally fitted and tailored look. With our brand you can pay the same prices as in the department stores, but you get to put your own personal style into every detail. 

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JACKETS $598     //     SHIRTS $198

POLOS & HENLEYS $158     //     WAIST COATS $248

TROUSERS $248     //     TWO PIECE SUITS $698

COATS $698

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Set up an appointment now and a K.E.P. expert tailor will measure you for the perfect fit. The process is painless and will only take 15 or 20 minutes. Relax and enjoy a cool drink, while we draft the blueprints for the new you.