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1.) What does Klein Epstein & Parker offer?

High-quality made-to-measure fashion items like jackets, pants, suits, polos, tee and shirts. Personalized fashion that looks AND feels great.


2.) What is the vision behind Klein Epstein & Parker?

To democratize made-to-measure fashion! Liberate men, giving them a chance to wear what they want and look and feel great. Escape the horror of pre-canned, off the rack, over-priced and mass-produced “stuff”.


3.) What are the sustainable advantages?

Klein Epstein & Parker offers high-quality personalized tailoring at a great value.  One-on-One style advice.  The outcome is a liberated YOU.


4.) What is the price range?

A 2 pc suit starts at $898, Jackets start at $648, Pants start at $298 and Shirts start at $178.


5.) Why are the prices so favorable?

We work without the middleman and the process of pattern making and cutting is highly automated. Besides that, we keep our margins fair in order to keep the prices within reach.


6.) How long does it take to make my jacket or suit?

It takes about 4-5 weeks. In case of “emergency” we can speed that up.


7.) Where are the garments produced?

The fabrics are from Italy and some from England. The handcrafted production is done in the best facilities with generations of experience and love in Morocco and Poland to realize the European touch and quality.


8.) Is Made-to-Measure for Women possible?

Yes, we are happy to work with women to create personalized made-to-measure fashion!


9.) What about groups or companies?

We accommodate larger groups like groomsmen and sales teams. Just give us a call or send an email through our Contact page for more information and details


10.) What if I want to own my own Klein Epstein & Parker store?

Reach us through email and check out our Franchise page.