Hey you! Yes, you! The one sneaking a look at your tablet, or phone... surfing the web while you’re at work, maybe even in a meeting. Not to worry we encourage a little rebellion here and there. But listen up, this is no ordinary essay, blog, message or whatever else you may think. We have something important to share.

Great news! The very best in Made to Measure fashion is now within reach more than ever (check our new opening prices). Klein Epstein & Parker is redesigning modern day fashion and the means in which attire gets into the hands of our world’s movers and shakers. K.E.P is striving to redefine what a clothing company can be. Bringing you thousands of high-quality European fabrics to choose from and allowing you to transform them into one-of-kind garments. Whether it is a suit or a redesign of the classic hoodie, the result is garments unique to you and an embodiment of your unstoppable spirit.

Why is this so important? What does it really mean to you? Or, are you seriously just hearing this as another sales pitch? STOP! Awake from your slumber! This is bigger then us and even you.

Think about all the people that live and breathe amidst our planet. The many people that right now are going about their day doing what they're supposed to do, be and think.  As opposed to what they are meant be doing. Pursuing and creating success through their natural talents and passions.  Businessman that should have been musicians, teachers that should have been politicians, or politicians that should have…oh never mind, you get what we are saying.

When one does not have a true understanding of themselves, they fail to bring to life the unstoppable person they were destined to be. They have allowed their story to be told by someone else, masking their natural abilities and talents. But what if we said there is a different way - to rebel against this passive existence, and write your story and owning your life's path as your personal mission statement. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., The Wright Brothers, Steve Jobs, and many others are just some of the rivaling examples to this rebellious approach to life. We believe any of us is capable of being in line with these heroes.

Thus at K.E.P. we find our work important. It's getting you suited up with your daily armor, completely reflective of exactly who you are so that you can walk your path with authenticity and certainty.  Come in and experience a one of a kind transformation. Let us trim away the excess, the unnecessary and reveal the unstoppable you!

 Follow Your Heart. Be A Rebel.

 - Klein Epstein & Parker


Michael Vega