Honor & Legacy

In the spirit of taking part in a practice of living that is worthy of generations to come, we'd like to continue the exploration and definition of today's gentlemen. To start off here's what we've laid as the foundation: We now fondly refer to the modern day gentleman as The Rebel Gent. Also, as previously outlined,  these individuals (not just a 'man' thing), are firmly committed to honor, gratitude, courage and a firm grasp of self. This week, we find ourselves with a deep roaring passion for calling on all humans to live up to these ideals! 
One aspect of living with honor and courage is a philosophy we hold dear within the bedrock of Klein Epstein & Parker, and that is to stand tall as who you are and live life on your terms. It's been the driving force of why we do what we do; supporting one person at a time, and making good on our promise to help you be your best you.

So, at Klein Epstein & Parker we find ourselves in a unique position that allows us to help the Rebel Gent tailor a legacy of honor and service, that has the ability to empower generations to come. Regardless of whether you are an artist, a musician, an entrepreneur, or an advocate for change, we recognize the universal longing amidst Rebel Gents, for wanting to see the world become a better and more united place. Thus we stand together on the firm belief that if we work for it in the right way, we can make huge differences and bring drastic goodness into this world. For the good that we seek and create today doesn’t go away, it stays. It is absorbed, accumulated, and adapted by the people we encounter long after we’ve left the room. 
Our Made to Measure process is not only an opportunity to create unique one of a kind garments, but also serves as a reminder to all Rebel Gents, that every day has the opportunity to be an occasion. Every day there is a need for us to show up and work to bring about the future we long to see. For as we have seen, when we hold up every day to the same standard and expectation as we do for the “big” moments in life, we will see that every moment has the power to instill the seeds of change toward a more just and enlightened world. 

A legacy of honor and service is powerful, valuable, and the best gift you can give to yourself and generations to come. So we call upon all Rebel Gents to show up, let your voice be heard and craft your legacy. 
Follow Your Heart. Be A Rebel. 
- Klein Epstein & Parker 

Michael Vega