Leaders Of The Pack

In a world that is becoming ever advancing and more personalized as we speak (or as you read), it is no surprise that industries left and right are competing to remain original, innovative, and  pioneers within their domains.
The world of fashion is no exception, its various niches have been struck by the same conundrum.  Here we find ourselves at a crossroad in men’s fashion where some insiders and some onlookers, would argue that we are amidst the death of men’s fashion. That what was once a growing industry has lost its touch. A so-called time in which men’s fashion no longer claims ownership to its creative edge, leaving the maverick unsatisfied and the industry to collect mothballs as it hangs in stagnation.  What’s caused even more frustration for these onlookers is that this all comes at a time when men, personalities and walks of life varied, are caring ever more about fashion and the fabrics that grace their torso. 

So we are posed with the questions - what does it take for men’s fashion to come back to life? Why are we faced with such a dilemma in the first place?  And what does it take for the industries' pioneers and true originals to take back such potential? 
Well lucky for you, we have heard the whispers far before the dilemma arrived. Yes within any industry practice makes perfect, however, it does not make new. And there is no question that the industry is in need of new. Men are wanting to be leaders of the pack, no matter what genre of fashion they find themselves in. They are wanting to ensure quality and fit are of the same essence. Thus why not put the power back into the hands of the true leaders, pioneers, and artist of the industry - you. Yes, you heard me right - You! Klein Epstein & Parker ensures that you walk out of any of our locations having had full control of the texture and design, all the while knowing the fit is perfect. `
With your custom Made to Measure wear from K.E.P you can walk confidently knowing your style has been cut from a different cloth. Unique, fitted perfectly, and true to you. 
Follow Your Heart. Be A Rebel. 
- Klein Epstein & Parke 

Michael Vega