Urban Adventure

It is very unlikely that your daily commute to the office, or the gallery, or the music studio consists of rugged terrain or uncharted waters. However, with every day there lies within a deep sense of the unknown, a possibility for adventure. And as any classic tale between man and the great unknown will tell you, your most valuable asset is what you choose to carry on your back.

We would expand that thought to say that the garments that garner the movement of your adventure are just as important. Playing equally if not more of a vital role, your attire, serving as a second skin as you set off to conquer whatever challenge lies ahead. As most men would attest it is a perfectly fitting wardrobe in combination with an inner sense of self that combined provide an unwavering confidence.

So whether you're in an urban jungle on the reaches of the west coast or east, it is our suggestion that you are perfectly suited for whatever adventures may come your way. If fashion is anything to go by, nothing says masculine, bold and attractive, like a touch of adventurism. 

Seek Adventure. Be A Rebel. Follow Your Heart. 

- Klein Epstein & Parker 

Michael Vega