The Future of The Rebel

At Klein Epstein & Parker, our forerunners are continually looking to what our future holds. Asking what possibilities will come across our path as we trek into new territory and grow as rebels. Recognizing that with every new opportunity and the season we embark on there in lies the potential to refine and remind.

A commitment we have here at K.E.P. is to empower our fellow rebels to live and breathe lives of authenticity. It's a belief we believe with each passing season can delve deeper. What if, even with whatever fear or resistance we each have - we were able to fully, passionately and honestly express ourselves? When we’re willing to boldly express ourselves, we tap into our power in an authentic way. A power to live lives of liberation and endless choice. For we see that when you live a life of abundant opportunity, you create opportunities of abundance for fellow rebels.

What better to stay true to one's self than wearing and filling out clothes selected, designed, and fitted by you. We believe the garments that you choose, should be a further representation of what you contain within - inspiration, boldness, and unyielding creative potential. Fabrics cut to specific precision, that similar to your DNA, hold unique composition and have an ability to be distinguished from the rest.

Being your authentic self is not for the faint of heart, but once you're willing to truly engage and do the work to become more real—your life, your work, and your legacy will be more exciting, meaningful and fulfilling!

Follow Your Heart. Be A Rebel.

- Klein Epstein & Parker

Michael Vega