Follow Your Heart, Be A Rebel

Who is a rebel? When one thinks of a rebellion, what's most likely conjured is a group of people who are disgruntled and looking to be disruptive...perhaps even destructive.  Or perhaps your mind fills with a train of images from the past with hippies to punk rockers, rebelling against cultural “norms” of their day. Whatever the definition for each of us, what can be argued (we feel passionately about this one), is amidst the rhetoric of “status quo” and convenience, the true heart of a rebel has been lost.

Rather than to say one is a rebel for what they fight against, we believe to be a rebel is to understand that there is a different way, to seek after liberation. For some it is injustice, others a life of mediocrity, and for some its the pressures of conformity. In any circumstance, it takes courage to stand in the face of the majority, to hold true to the vision that there is another way.

Those who seek originality and live liberated lives of creative freedom are the people who take the initiative to make their vision a reality. That is the heart and drive of Klein Epstein & Parker, to empower and liberate individuals to tell their your unique story in a culture that often tries doing that for you. Choosing to empower and support the rebel within, to fashion their unique vision of self-expression. Maybe you are the musician mixing the beats of house music with folk or you are the entrepreneur repurposing oil tankers as a way to provide clean water or the community organizer supporting inner-city kids to find peace of heart; whoever you are, you deserve to tell your story. For when one is empowered to be creative and unique - to operate out of their heart and soul, it is then one realizes that this was the way it was always supposed to be.

Leaders, Artists, Change-Makers and Creators seeking liberation, pushing the human race forward, we salute you.

"We are shaped and fashioned by what we love. We are the heroes of our time."

-Klein Epstein & Parker

Michael Vega