The Power of Handmade

There is something to be said for the credibility of tradition. There was a time, many years ago, when our grandfathers, or great-grandfathers used to put every effort into creating things with their own two hands. Whether it was woodworking or serving as the local shoe cobbler, they found pride in fashioning from their unique perspective. It was a craft that took dedication, hard work, passion and a unique combination of patience and precision. Art forms that in many ways we've lost hold of today.

We believe and are working to bring back the tradition of handmade, despite the obsession in today's culture of immediacy and perceived convenience. Our Made to Measure Shirt is the evolution of handmade fashion. With fresh new cloth options, handmade in Europe, each creation is unique and representative of your individual style. From subtle texture to bold patterns, each completed garment tells a story. A story true and unique to you. And the fabric choice is just the beginning. 

The K.E.P. Made to Measure Shirt embodies the honor of heritage with the destiny of modern aesthetic. When living in such a unique garment the potential is limitless. You can walk with confidence knowing you are showing off your own work of art. We've watched as we've had the pleasure of co-creating with some of the most talented and passionate minds to unleash brilliantly what's embodied within their Made to Measure Shirt. 

Refined tradition, modern fit, and an evolved you - Join the rEvolution.

Follow Your Heart. Be A Rebel. 

- Klein Epstein & Parker

Michael Vega