An Evolved You

Here’s some good news, no matter your age or generation, we’ve all evolved in many ways. We’re wiser this year then last, we adapt to new technologies in nanoseconds, soon we won’t even be driving our own cars!

On a more personal note, often the most notable change is with our style and appearance. Whether it’s simple things like a hair cut or the width of our pant leg, the length of our jacket… Whatever your personal journey it’s sure to have kept moving. We here at Klein Epstein & Parker are firm believers that we must honor our truth and evolve within a conscious state of choice. Actively choosing how we represent ourselves, rather then by the most convenient and mass produced decision makers. 

Think about it, as a man you have evolved. You are not the same person you were just a few years ago. Each day brings about experiences that mold and fashions your inner most being. Days filled with situations and circumstances that at times call for a perspective change. Although aspects of this evolution are uncertain, it is not something to fear. Rather, we believe the evolution is an experience to be embraced.

At K.E.P our Made to Measure process is a tangible experience in which we see the evolution of the businessmen, artists, mavericks and average ‘Joes’ come to life. As seen amidst the fashioning of a unique Made to Measure Shirt, the proper fit unveils an evolved you. We have experienced countless exits from the fitting room, being witness to a transformative moment. Through a myriad of experiences, personality, and your own pure creative genius, you create a shirt (or any other fashion garment) that embodies your unique imprint. Whether it be creating fashion casual, business dress or the classic tuxedo shirt the Made to Measure process is THE evolution of fashion. 

Let YOUR personal style be told. Allow life to be revealed amidst your choices. Say hello to the Revolution of Fit AND the Evolution of You. 

Follow Your Heart. Be A Rebel.

-Klein Epstein & Parker

Michael Vega