Each Creation Authentic

The crossover of the art and fashion worlds is not a modern concept, it is a thread within the history of fashion that we see embraced within past decades and as the story of fashion continues to evolve. However, anyone within the realm of fashion will tell you that to innovate amidst a world of creatives takes a unique blending of talent, risk, and precision. It is a challenge that has fashion's leading designers seeking out creative forces and contemporary artist to serve as principal players within their company.

At Klein Epstein & Parker, we see this played out on two levels. We are fortunate to house some of the most talented and creative minds. Clients get to collaborate with fashion's most innovated talent as they experience a one of a kind Made To Measure process. Furthermore, we are firm believers that you, our clients, are some of the most creative talents to grace our stores. Thus, we co-create for your individual choices of cloth, style, and trim. 

Our one of a kind Made to Measure Shirts are the perfect examples of this. It is a unique garment that is revolutionizing the fit and in turn a tangible witness to the evolution of you. Like original art, each creation is authentic and unique. Your personal aesthetic is stitched and embodied within every detail. Art and fashion are beautifully intertwined in our Made to Measure Shirt experience and we are honored to get to collaborate with you in such a process. 

 Follow Your Heart. Be A Rebel. 

-Klein Epstein & Parker

Michael Vega