REBEL PROFILE : Austin Boe, Store Manger for K.E.P. San Francisco

What do you do at Klein Epstein & Parker?

I am the store manager for the San Francisco store.


What or who influenced your style?

I draw a lot of influence from art movements: Minimalism, Dada, and Pop. I like to play with elements of camp and kitsch. My KEP pieces tend to be minimal pieces over all in their fabric —(solid colors or simple patterns) with the punch being in my embroideries and accents.


How do you express your creativity outside of fashion?

I am an artist; I did my Master of Fine Arts degree at California College of the Arts emphasis in Printmaking & my Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Minnesota—Duluth emphasis in drawing, painting, and printmaking. Recent Shows: Alter Space Gallery, SF; STRUT, SF; ARC Gallery, SF; University of Nevada Las Vegas; Tweed Museum of Art, MN. My work can be seen at


What are staples to your style?

I am fan of waistcoats, vintage eyewear, and fun shoes.


What makes you a Rebel?

I like to break and bend traditional & hetero-normative style and social binaries.

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