REBEL PROFILE : Michael Vega, Store Manager for K.E.P. Newport Beach

What do you do at Klein Epstein & Parker? 

Klein Epstein & Parker - Newport Beach Store Manager 


What or who influenced your style? 

The firm belief that we hold the power to tell the stories we want, and personal style is one of the most tangible mediums to express that story. 


How do you express your creativity outside of fashion?

Photography. I believe everyone needs a form of self expression to remain connected to the world around us, and for me that is through photography. Photography for me is not just a process of collecting images, but rather a spiritual experience in which an image serves as a fragment of reality, a material embodiment of one's state, feelings, desires, emotions, experiences -- a peak into one's inner magic. 


What are staples to your style? 

Monochromatic colors, fitted tailoring, & pants above the ankle. 


What makes you a Rebel?

Unapologetically owning my truth. 

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