Handle Holiday Parties In Style!

Rebels, time seems to have raced right to holiday season.  And with holiday season, comes the holiday parties.  Getting party ready can sometimes be anything but easy, but this year K.E.P. is here to help.  Your days of worrying about how dressed up is too dressed up are over Rebels.  

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Sometimes you want that dapper appeal of a tuxedo without all of the formalities.  We say try pairing your cool party tux with a comfortable t-shirt.  The burgundy color of this tuxedo keeps the look edgy and interesting while maintaining the superior tailoring that comes with formalwear.

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For your black-tie holiday occasions, feel free to branch out from the expected black-and-white combo.  Although the look is sophisticated, it’s expected — especially in menswear.  If you’re wanting to shake up that classic combo, try all an all black look.  You’ll stand out in a great way from the other party go-ers and you’ll still be wearing your black tie!

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Sometimes what’s expected for party attire isn’t overtly clear.  So when you’re not exactly sure how formal or casual to dress, we suggest going for a “party-business-casual” look.  Lose the tie, have fun mixing patterns and colors, and you're ready to go.  A party is a great opportunity to have fun with your style, so take the opportunity to go for it!

Holiday parties should be about great times with great people, not stressing out over what to wear.  Let's enjoy this season in style Rebels!


Follow Your Heart. Be A Rebel.

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Omari McNeil