Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

As we anticipate Spring, it’s almost impossible not to get excited for what is to come.  Spring represents the culmination of all the work that was put in during the cold, dark Winter months to create a lively and flourishing next season. So how can we make sure that this Spring lives up to all of the hype?  Humbly we suggest that in our anticipation, we keep relentlessly working towards the goals we want to see accomplished this Spring and beyond.  So as appealing as staying inside, hibernating and eating unreasonable amounts of pizza is, we think it’s time to resist this passive state and stand up and own our futures.

So, when setting goals and creating plans, it is easy to visualize how great our life will be after everything eventually works out.  It also seems easy for us to skim over all of the hard work it might take for the dream to be realized, because frankly handwork is rarely seen as sexy or exciting. But we can’t ignore how important the work and preparation we put in is to the possibility of the dream becoming real.  Imagine if you met someone who wanted to be a bodybuilder, but they never worked out, never ate healthy, and hated lifting weights — the likelihood of them winning a body building competition is nearly impossible.  It is important that we continue to dream big, and then work hard to make sure that those dreams come true.

So what can we do right now?  If the goal is to get the job that’s a perfect fit for you, make sure that you’re building the skills you’ll need to thrive when you get the position.  If the goal is to fall in love, make sure that you are working toward being your best self, that you’d consider being worthy of their love. It is important that we actively prepare for the greatness we are looking to receive.  So dream big, set goals, and make sure you’re ready to receive all you’ve wished for.  And as you’re imagining this beautiful life and what everything around you will look like, don’t forget to craft your representation.  K.E.P. is here to partner with you to create your made to measure wardrobe that is as epic as your dreams.

Follow Your Heart


Omari McNeil