Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Here at K.E.P. we’re often searching for powerful game changers as a source of aspiration and example. Of course there’s no shortage of leaders who’ve inspired us all. But sometimes we need to go beyond the here, which often leads us to think of superheroes, you know the mind-blowing kind, selflessly taking on the super villains and evil plots.  Like any other warm blooded Americans, our creative spirits think of Superman, Batman, Spiderman, the iconic guys out there saving the world. For this bunch we can’t help but focus on their perfectly cut suits. For them it’s literately how they do what they do.   Honestly, imagine Batman trying to protect Gotham City in a t-shirt and jeans. It’s just a no.

So it got us thinking, what would each of our lives be like if we each had a ‘suit’ that was perfectly cut for us? Which empowered us to be our greatest selves? To do all we can to contribute in a positive way? Well we’ll leave you to do some imagining, and dreaming up of your super HERO life. 

In the mean time, whether we’re fighting bad guys or maybe just making it through the work week, finishing laundry, cooking dinner, and getting an oil change….Whatever your heroic abilities, K.E.P. is excited to help you craft your made to measure wardrobe that empowers your inner superhero.

Follow Your Heart. Be a Super Rebel. 

- Klein Epstein & Parker

Omari McNeil