Custom Made Confidence

So many people avoid living their most stylish lives because they find fashion intimidating.  With so many different fashion standards and style rules, fashion quickly goes from a fun form of self-expression to another daunting task to overcome during the day.  Rebels, we have a solution on how to turn getting dressed from an annoying necessity to the highlight of your day.

Do you get excited when you go to restaurants that let you create your own pizza?  Are you the person who goes to a frozen yogurt place and chooses 4 flavors, cookie dough, every fruit imaginable, caramel sauce and gummy bears?  Rebel, you are someone who is energized by the idea of making something that is truly yours — however eccentric it may be.  So now lets bring it back to Made to Measure.  Remember all of the times that you wanted to wear something but the pattern of the shirt was a little off, or the suit was not quite the right fit and color.  You can change that.  

When you imagine the perfect wardrobe addition, know that K.E.P. can create it for you, down to the stitching.  Every detail is an extension of things that excite and energize you.  Now imagine getting dressed when you’re pumped about the options you have available.  The excitement you have about looking your best overshadows your stress about rules and standards.  You focus on feeling confident and looking your best instead of trying to look like everyone else and fit in.  Remember, “you don’t have to worry about fitting in when you’re custom made”.

Follow your heart. Be a custom made Rebel.

Klein Epstein & Parker

Omari McNeil