The Other Side of Clutter

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Our last few blogs have been all about how we can go about the process of Spring cleaning, whether in our homes, our closets, or in our minds.  We understand that the process of decluttering is tiring, but the end result can be life changing.   The challenge for all of us is to stop focusing on the difficulty of letting go of our stuff, and to think about everything we have to gain from getting rid of what was holding us back.

What's on the other side of the "decluttering" process? We're glad you asked -- FREEDOM!  Life is exponentially better when you're rid of unnecessary attachments and limitations that weigh you down.  You have now created the space to accept all the best that life has to offer you. Without that clutter, you can stand taller, feel more confident, and ultimately shine brighter.  So whether you're starting your "decluttering" process, are in the middle of it, or bursting through on the freedom side, know that the journey helps make you the best version of yourself, which makes all of the work worth it.

The K.E.P., Made to Measure process is perfect for your newly liberated self.  You are given the space to create the exact look that you want. Not just based on what is on trend, or what is the easiest look to achieve, but a look that is your ideas brought to life.  Sounds exciting right?  Hurry into a K.E.P. location to experience the excitement first hand.

Follow Your Heart.  Be a Decluttered Rebel.

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Omari McNeil