#KEP Community

Today, we want to take some time to celebrate YOU, our K.E.P. Rebels!  What makes our Made to Measure experience so exciting is the ideas our clients give us to bring their looks to life.  Although we all can’t make it to everyone’s personal appointment, we can still be inspired by the creations of other Rebels!

Are you looking for inspiration for your next Made to Measure look? (Click the picture at the top to see our K.E.P. Client Page)  The beauty of our community is that we have the opportunity to not only like Instagram or Facebook posts, but we can truly interact wit each other.  So feel free to network, share, and learn with like-minded individuals — who also happen to be extremely stylish.

So Rebels, we encourage you all to truly make the most of being apart of this dynamic, creative, and passionate community. Tag #KEPRebels on your Instagram posts and check out other Rebel’s looks!  We are excited to continue to learn from our K.E.P. Rebels, and we’re so grateful for your continued trust in us to bring your dreams to life.  We want to end by simply saying thank you for continued inspiration, and we hope you are as benefitted by this community as we are.

Follow Your Heart. Be A Member of our K.E.P. Rebel Community.

Klein Epstein & Parker

Omari McNeil