Thanks Dad

K.E.P. is excited to celebrate Father's Day, and we know there are so many things we love about the dads in our lives!  But rather than listing general reasons why dads are awesome, we've decided to ask people exactly what they love about their dads.

" His sense of calm reminds me that everything will be ok"

"He works his ass off and is kind to everyone"

"He is generous and he shows up for people"

" He's an example of how wisdom develops with age"

" He is willing to sacrifice everything to make sure his family is ok"

" He's funny ... despite his jokes being corny"

" He's present -- whether it's him being there to teach me how to change my own oil or when I got a black eye playing baseball, he was there"

So whether he's teaching you life skills, counseling you through hard times, or just telling you corny jokes, we are happy to send all the dads a huge "thank you".

Happy Father's Day Rebels!


Follow Your Heart. Be A Rebel.

Klein Epstein & Parker

Omari McNeil