3 Simple Steps To A Better Wardrobe

Rebels, we are finally in Summer which means it is time to bring out the shorts and give a the wool jackets a much needed break. Since everyone makes some wardrobe changes when the seasons change, why not also use this time to get rid of some stuff.  We’ve discussed the benefits of going through the decluttering process, and we wanted to make sure you knew how to go about it with 3 simple steps for making room in your closet.

Also remember that you have to remove unnecessary “clutter” in order to make room for all the greatness that is on the way — especially if that greatness is some K.E.P. Made to Measure 😉

1. If it no longer fits, let it go!

2. Determine if you're keeping something because you like it, or if you just like the memory attached to it

3. If it's been years since you've worn it and it still looks great, let someone else enjoy it

There you have it, my 3 simple rules that will put you on the fast track to having a wardrobe that excites you!  And that's when K.E.P. comes in — we can help you create the perfect custom fashion pieces that you will love and that fit you perfectly.  Schedule an appointment with one of our talented stylists so you can see just how great your wardrobe can be after an update!


Follow Your Heart.  Be A Decluttered Rebel.

Klein Epstein & Parker

Omari McNeil