Lessons from Pride Month

And just like that, the month of June is over!  Pride month has been great, so we want to end such an important month with our key-takeaways.  Pride is about the sacrifice of self and the celebration of what you've accomplished as a result of that sacrifice.  

So whether you’re sacrificing your time and energy to advance your career, your weekends to support your young athlete, your privilege to advocate on behalf of others—don’t forget to celebrate the progress that your sacrifice has made to make the world better.

Pride doesn't mean that you’ve made all the strides that can be made.  You don’t have to be fully self-actualized, and you don’t need to have accomplished everything on your to-do list.  Just keep working towards all those things, and you will always maintain a sense of pride.

We’ll close with this important insight.  The first “pride” was a protest led by LGBTQ folks who fought for freedom, safety, and respect.  These brave people sacrificed so much (even their lives) so that we can celebrate Pride today.  We are grateful for their legacy, and K.E.P. will continue to stand in solidarity with those who feel pushed to the margins of society.

Follow Your Heart.  Be A Rebel With Pride.

Klein Epstein & Parker

Omari McNeil