REBEL PROFILE : Jeroen Bik, Co-Owner of Klein Epstein & Parker


What do you do at Klein Epstein & Parker?

I am one of the 2 co-founders.


What or who influenced your style?

I love comfort, and want to look and feel great. That can be different every part of the day. Sometimes that is a double-breasted suit or just a fun polo and hoody.


How do you express your creativity outside of fashion?

I love to help clients with creating and designing their garments. I try to understand what they are looking for and translate that for them. It’s so cool to see a client come out of the fitting room standing tall and feeling proud of their new garment.


What are staples to your style?

I am boring, so for work; blue blazers, white shirts, dark denim and wingtips.


Who's you favorite musical act?

Chick Corea playing Mozart. A jazz pianist playing Mozart like you never heard it. It’s out of this world. (listen here --> )


What's an important lesson that you've learned about business?

It’s all about passion, vision and persistence. Know where you want to go, love what you do and don’t give up. Besides that, foster trust and create an unrivaled experience. We can buy “stuff” from anybody and everywhere.  So, make it a party. And yes, your product needs to be great.


What do you do for fun?

Running and sheep-herding with our dogs Darby and Harley, and rock-climbing in Zion.


What makes you a Rebel?

Freedom is my “key”. I don’t look at the neighbors and I don’t care what other people think. I do my own thing. Building a company that disrupts the market. Giving clients something that is not there. Being a pioneer in retail. A Rebel, but with respect and grace.


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