3 Cool Ways To Wear A Blazer

As a Made to Measure fashion company, we've designed so many different takes on the classic blazer, we've lost count.  Blazers are definitely a wardrobe staple for both your formal and casual looks.  So in an effort to breathe some new life in your classic pieces, we wanted to share some cool ways of styling your blazers.

Pair it with Shorts.


Freedom and style -- the best of both worlds! Pairing shorts with blazers is a cool look that allows you to not feel restricted, while looking great for all your summer engagements.  Whether drinks with friends, or an outdoor Summer wedding, you'll definitely be the best dressed!

Pair it with Joggers.

Jogger-style pants have been popular because of the "athleisure" trend, so we thought it was time they made their way over to suiting.  Try pairing your your blazers with a t-shirt and a nice pair of joggers for a stylish casual look.  Or you can try pairing it with some classic suiting accessories, for a fresh take on formal wear.

Mix & Match.

Just because you purchased your blazer with matching pants, doesn't mean that's the only way you can wear the look.  Mix and match colors and patterns to create eye catching looks, that are both tailored and fun!  

Now it's time for you to come into our K.E.P. locations and create some custom Made to Measure that will look great for every occasion.  And make sure to check out our "Lookbook" page for even more inspiration for your next K.E.P. look!

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Omari McNeil