A Reason To Smile

Hey Rebels!

Today we just wanted to focus on giving you a pick-me-up.  It is hard to process so much tough information without feeling like you want to explode.  So instead of exploding, let's collectively decompress with a musical break.  Now, we know this song has been on heavy rotation for a few years, but trust us, you're going to smile after watching just 2 minutes of this video.  Something about seeing all different types of people dance to a fun song just makes you... HAPPY!

Smiling yet :)?  And to help end your Summer with a smile, you can take 15% off our online Summer Ready-to Wear pieces with FREE Shipping for all orders over $100.  Just use code “RebelSummer” at checkout.  

BUT WAIT, its gets better!

When you schedule an appointment, you can also take 15% off of our Summer fabrics for your next Made to Measure look.  These are limited time offers, so hurry to catch these amazing deals.

Between "Happy", Labor Day weekend, and 15% off, we hope we've given you plenty to smile about.

Follow Your Heart.  Be A Rebel.

Klein Epstein & Parker

Omari McNeil