REBEL PROFILE : Omari McNeil, Digital Content Creator

What do you do at Klein Epstein & Parker?

I work as a Digital Content Creator for K.E.P., specifically curating the website and managing the social media accounts.


What or who influenced your style?

I can be influenced by all types of things, but I do love how Mark Ronson, Willie Cartier, and Tinie Tempah dress.


How do you express your creativity outside of fashion?

I am so lucky that most of my life is an expression of creativity.  Whether I'm creative directing photoshoots, curating social media platforms, or collaborating with other creatives, creativity and expression are consistent in most aspects of my personal and professional life.


What are staples to your style?

Chelsea boots, a leather jacket, slim-fit dark denim, an oversized button-up, a black wide brim hat and a slim-fitting suit.


What makes you a Rebel?

I am a Rebel because I don't settle for the status quo. I hate feeling restricted or boxed in, so as a result, I try to do things my own way, rather than meticulously following a blueprint.  To put it plainly, I do what I want because I want to.