“The Anatomy of the Made to Measure Shirt” — What Makes a Great Shirt Great.

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We get so excited about introducing our clients to Made to Measure fashion because we know exactly what it can do for how someone looks and feels about their wardrobe and theirselves.  Check out our latest blog all about what makes our great shirts so great!  

Fit - Everyone has preferences when it comes to how they like things to fit.  Some people love slim fit, some people want something more relaxed — and everywhere in between.  Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum one thing will always be true.  Off-the-Rack shirts will never be able to meet all your specifications.   With Made to Measure shirting you can keep the waist slim with a little more room in chest and longer arms without compromising the look and comfort of the shirt.

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Fabric -  In Made to Measure, there’s no limit to your fabric choices when it comes to shirting.  So there’s a crazy wide range of colors, patterns, and fabric choices that you can create a shirt with.  As you know, with Off-the-Rack, you’ll have to work within what’s trendy or “in-style” right now, rather than what you truly want.

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Details -  Get ready for all of the details that Made to Measure allows you to specify — Fit type, sleeve length, collar type, pocket type, button color and size,  stitching… and we can keep going!  As you can see, your shirt is truly your shirt.  And when you pick every detail of a garment, you’ll instantly love it.

On top of all of these features, Made to Measure shirts start at only $198!  So what are you waiting for?! Schedule an appointment (click here)with one of our talented stylists to create your new favorite Made to Measure shirts!

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