REBEL PROFILE : Garrett Edwards, Senior Made to Measure Specialist

rebel (5).jpg

What do you do at KEP?

I am the Senior Made to Measure Specialist in the West Hollywood flagship. My responsibilities primarily include; providing an unrivaled experience to clients, accurately taking measurements, and assisting clients in the design process.


Who or what influences your style?

My style is primarily influenced by a few of my favorite movie characters or fashion icons. Namely; Gordon Gekko, James Bond, Jay Gatsby, and Tom Ford.


How do you express your creativity outside of Fashion?

Fashion is my primary source of creativity. So what I'm wearing typically reflects my mood, even when dressing casually. Outside of fashion I try to keep an open mind in all aspects of life. 


What are staples to your style?

Type in "Power Suit" on google and what you see are my staples. 


What makes me a Rebel?

I'd have to say my style in conjunction with my age would make me fairly rebellious. I believe that I am the most "conservative" dresser at KEP even though I am one of the youngest. 

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