Lessons In Layering

This year, Fall has had this cruel way of testing us with cool temperatures and then hitting us back with the 80+ temperatures.  But instead of taking a chance of either freezing or burning, you can just layer.  We know that when you tell people to try layering, it can become overly complex — so this post is here to break it down so you’re ready for whatever the weather throws at you.

Day 1-356.jpg

Every pieces must coordinate, not match

Sometimes people get nervous about if their layering pieces match or not.  Stop stressing!  Rather than looking for colors or patterns that mimic each other, go for colors and patterns that compliment each other.


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Fit still matters

As a general rule, make sure each piece that you’re layering fits well with each other.  If you have a shirt under a blazer os sweater, make sure that all your sleeves are long enough and nothing feels too tight or too loose.


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Don’t over think it

Layering is an art and not a science.  So focus less on doing the right thing, and focus more on doing what’s right for you and your wardrobe. 

And we're excited to let you know that you can create perfect Made to Measure pieces with our Fall fabrics. We'll make sure everything looks great whether they're layered or all on their own!  Schedule an appointment with our talented stylists today!

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