Standing With Stripes

For some time now (way too long in our opinion), - when you see a Pinstripe Suit you think of the "unofficial" uniform of the banker, the modern day Wolf on Wall Street types. However, as tides shift, and new ways of thought emerge, it's time to seize the opportunity for reinvention! 



 Pinstripe is a pattern that is both bold and complimentary, so pairing your suit with a fun pattern, or choosing the pattern in a unique color option makes for a perfect style combination.  



Move beyond just the "pinstripe suit" and wear your Made to Measure pieces as separates. Layer a pinstripe blazer with a custom henley and a pair of your favorite denim to take away formality.  It's a combination that ensures you are having fun anywhere you go from head to toe. 


We think it’s safe to say that pinstripe should be wearable for everyone — from day to night, from the West Coast to Wall Street, from rebel to banker. So choose to be BOLD and STAND WITH STRIPES

Omari McNeil