There’s so much to be thankful for.  In the past year, we’ve opened stores across the country, created Made to Measure with so many great clients, and celebrated our 7th anniversary. This has been an amazing year for K.E.P. and we’re so glad you were able to join our journey.

But, it is important that amidst our gratitude we acknowledge the pain that our California community has experienced in the past few weeks. We want to remember the 12 victims who were killed in the mass shooting at the Borderline Bar in Thousand Oaks, CA as well as the hundreds of people have lost their homes in the Hill, Camp, and Woolsey fires.  We will always strive to marry beneficial actions to our thoughts and prayers for the purpose of advocating and helping those in need.

We want to remind you that the beauty of this time of year is that we focus on gratitude, giving, and community.  We will continue to seek out ways to uplift, empower, and support the communities that we find ourselves a part of.  This year, we have chosen to partner with Vet-Net who provide job training and support for Veterans re-entering the workforce.  And to thank you for donating, we’re gifting our clients $100 off their next Made to Measure purchase when you donate gently used clothing at any of our store locations.  As a company, we hope to serve as a light and resource, both in our communities and globally.  And we encourage that everyone joins us in this mission.

Follow Your Heart. Be A Rebel.

Omari McNeil