REBEL PROFILE : Raymond Daspit, Store Manager for K.E.P. Fashion Valley


What do you do at Klein Epstein & Parker?

I am the store manager at Klein Epstein & Parker, Fashion Valley San Diego.

What or who influenced your style?

Living in Paris changed my perspective on Menswear. Growing up in California, it's normal to see casual wear in any venue. Parisians and Europeans as a whole made dressing up seem effortless. 

It became an aesthetic I always aim to replicate.

What are staples to your style?

I love the statement that a double-breasted suit makes when it is fitted with a high armhole. It's a look that is rooted in classic British tailoring, but now that the rules for Menswear have blurred the possibilities are endless for this button closure.   

Who's your favorite musical act?

I love so many genres of music it is tough to narrow down artist. Currently, my favorites in the rotation are Rufus du Sol, Tupac, and the Doors. 

What's an important lesson that you've learned about business?
Business is goal oriented. The great joy of mastering your craft is seeing the progression. You can't achieve goals that you don't set. Take full responsibility for your mishaps and enjoy your wins.

What do you do for fun?

My two favorite things to do for fun are surfing and traveling, luckily they tend to go together. Surfing is one of the only sports where you compete solely against yourself. It's an activity that can have your heart racing and also give you complete calm. There is no better feeling for me than being in a foreign land, waiting for the next wave, watching the sun go down.

What makes you a Rebel?

Trends in Menswear are cyclical. I strive for my team and I to help gentleman find that sweet spot of classic pieces with a twist. Rules are meant to be broken, I aim to do it tastefully.


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