REBEL PROFILE : Joe Guerrieri, Store Manager for K.E.P. San Francisco


What do you do at Klein Epstein & Parker?

 I am the Manager and Tailor at Klein Epstein Parker San Francisco. 


What or who influenced your style?

 Indiana Jones, James Bond, and my grandfather.


How do you express your creativity outside of fashion?

I enjoy cooking and gardening. 


Who Is your favorite musical act?

 I'll just give you my 3 favorite entertainers of all time- Elvis, Michael Jackson, James Brown,


What are staples to your style?

Comfort and confidence- I never leave the house without a hoodie or sweatshirt I love to layer and majority of my wardrobe is earth tones. In the shop It's 3-piece suits, or trouser and jacket combos. Outside the shop its Levis, my own brands pieces and thrifts.


What makes you a Rebel

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