To Buy or To Rent? That Is The Question!

Imagine searching for your perfect wedding suit.  After a long, exhaustive hunt you find a nice suit that fits well, and ultimately works for your big day.  Doesn’t that sound kind of lackluster?  Now imagine — dreaming of your perfect suit or tuxedo, the fit, the finishings, everything! Then going to craft it detail by detail, and finally standing at the alter looking and feeling your absolute best.  How much better does that sound?!

Often times, to minimize the perceived headache of suit shopping, grooms will opt to rent a suit.  This suit can be close to what you want, but never exactly right.  It can fit well, but not perfect for your body.  And if you do end up really liking what you choose, you have to give it back a few days after your “I Dos”.

At K.E.P., we think it’s time to rethink this process!  For $798, you can create a two-piece, Made to Measure suit — customized and detailed just for you.  And after your big day, you can take that suit home and wear it for years to come. 

YOU should feel your absolute best on your wedding day, and our K.E.P. team of stylist wants to ensure your look is everything you want and more.

Omari McNeil