Down To The Details


You should describe the suit you wear on your wedding day as your favorite suit, ever!  Every detail should be exactly as you’ve imagined it.  At K.E.P., we're here to challenge the notion that your special day is when you should choose to dull your own shine.  We know that when everyone looks their best, they feel their best -- which is a great way to start your marriage.

What attracts people to our Made to Measure process, is our attention to detail.  On top of choosing your fabric, linings, buttons, and thread, you can also add embroidered messages under the collar and inside the jacket.  This way, your suit will always remind you of your special day.

But the creativity doesn’t have to stop there! You can add fun lapel pins, pocket squares, ties, and bowties to make your look even more perfect for you.  We want to combat the notion that your wedding is the time to scale it back and play it small.  If it makes you feel great, go for it!  We’re excited to help you look and feel your best so that you can shine at your wedding.

Omari McNeil