REBEL PROFILE: Oz Enriquez, Made to Measure Fashion Stylist for K.E.P. Fashion Valley


Your Name:  Oz


What do you do at Klein Epstein & Parker?

I am a Stylist.

I learn. I create. I have fun.


What or who influenced your style?

Any type of visual art.

Paintings, architecture, nature, films, etc.


What are staples to your style?

Constant change.

I will always go back to the basics, but I’m always looking for new ways to wear them and new pieces to incorporate into my daily wear. 


Who's you favorite musical act?

I will listen to anything, I like different genres depending on my mood or what I want to accomplish.

I listen to rock & rap to get hyped; classical & jazz to relax. 
The Beatles, Vivaldi, Coltrane, and Childish Gambino are few standouts for me.  


What's an important lesson that you've learned about business?

Knowledge is useless unless you can properly implement it or communicate it.


What do you do for fun?

I listen to music, I look at pretty things, I search for anything that makes me change the way I see the world. I also like to laugh, like most humans.


What makes you a Rebel?

I like to understand all the rules so I know the right time to break them.