Take A Virtual tour of our West Hollywood & Newport Beach Stores​

The team at Klein Epstein & Parker work tirelessly to create new and innovative ways to connect with our clients. We love forging long lasting relationships with new and likeminded individuals, by developing engaging content.

We think outside the box. It's just what we do. We don't believe in following the status quo, it's just not our style. It doesn't suit us (pun completely intended). So we decided to partner with the talented team at Helms Wheel Studio, where they specialize in building state of the art, 360 degree virtual tours. Together we've developed a deeply immersive experience, allowing our viewers to move through our store spaces on a completely digital level. So no matter where you, you're always welcome in our K.E.P. stores.

The future never looked so bright or so stylish. Dive into our new virtual tours for both Newport Beach & our brand new West Hollywood location. 

Miray Bik