Find Your Super Squad

Have you ever heard of the quote, “You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with”?  It is commonly known that no matter how great we are alone, we’re even better when we find our tribe.  These are people who push us to achieve past our perceived limitations.  As we continue to build towards being our best “super-selves”, strengthening our heroic abilities, it is important we find our squad.  

At K.E.P. we consider ourselves as part of your tribe, in fact every tribe who’s mission is to be the best version of themselves. Through our empowering individual made to measure experience, our mission is to ‘suit you up’ to embark on your super-hero life and turn your dreams into realities. Where would we be without big dreamers who’ve persisted beyond even the greatest of odds?

Here’s a good one to remember as we face our daily challenges to go beyond:

Most people are pretty familiar with the two men responsible for teaching the world to fly. No, not Superman and Batman — the Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur.  But, not too many people are familiar with the fact that the duo was actually a squad.  In 1874,  Orville, Wilbur and Katherine Wright, their younger sister, lived together in Dayton, Ohio. The three of them made a pact that they would never get married and stay connected, which is super-next-level in terms of squad goals, but hey, we won’t tell you how to run your group.  As time went on, Orville and Wilbur became committed to bringing the idea of manned flight to reality.  Katherine went to Oberlin College and graduated in 1898, eventually rejoining her original squad.  Fast-forward to 1901, the Wright Brothers tested their plane prototype, and it failed miserably — broken ribs, someone died, it was terrible. So naturally, the brothers were ready to call it quits.  It was Katherine who reignited her squad by reassuring them that they had the power to create the impossible, all they needed was to regroup and work together.  With the brothers tenacity, and Katherine’s research skills (she was literally translating information from different languages), they were able to create a whole new plane.  In 1903, the Wright family successfully flew their first plane.  Mind you, it was only 20 feet off the ground but hey, it was their first time.  This spawned the birth of manned flight as we know it today.

Not everyone is able or even wants to have a “familial squad”, but it is important that as we continue to hone our own abilities, we connect with others who amplify and refine us.  People who remind us that although our obstacles are overwhelming, collective power makes them possible to overcome. Surround yourself with people who encourage you to dream, visualize and create a life that is influential and heroic.  K.E.P. is excited to be a part of you and your squad’s heroic journey by helping you create a made to measure wardrobe that is a tangible reality of your wildest dreams.

Follow Your Heart. Be a Super Rebel. 

- Klein Epstein & Parker

Omari McNeil