Letter From The Editor: The Relaunch

Starting anything from scratch is difficult. It’s actually downright one of the hardest things anyone can attempt to accomplish. The fashion industry moves fast. Products are rolled out season after season, trend after trend. It’s hard for anyone to keep up with what’s current and it seems that the fashion industry as a whole purposely want everyday consumers to feel inadequate and left behind.

Here at Klein Epstein & Parker, our goal has always been to create timeless wardrobe classics, tailored specifically to each individual’s creative spirit. Creating clothes that reflect personality and depth, while also focusing on an honest relationship with our clients; helping them grow into a more confident version of themselves without sacrificing their moral integrity.

That’s been our modus operandi since Klein Epstein & Parker’s inception and will continue to be our driving force for years to come. But just like everyone else we are a work in progress. We too have to step back occasionally and re-examine who we truly are and how we fit into the global fashion landscape. Granted we - in no way shape or form - want to embody or operate like any other brand out there. We aren’t fighting to stay current or relevant like many brands living in the post-social media world. We are never afraid of growing and adapting and we too are aware of the drastic effects the Internet and social media have on fashion, but we chose to do it on our own time without pressure.

K.E.P. is a small, tight-knit outfit – kind of a family band, but with scissors - who have focused their art on making others feel their absolute best.  But every once in awhile we ourselves need some tender loving care – as well as a few flattering alterations. We have to do that to continue to evolve and perform at our maximum potential. This new website is the culmination of many hours of that necessary but grueling hard work - Blood (none), sweat (some sweat), and tears (a few, but just a few). Through countless hours of collaboration, patience, and thoughtful discussion we have emerged with a new and improved web platform. This website was designed to be more than the sum of its parts: this site was created as a digital storefront, a lifestyle blog, a style encyclopedia, and lastly an inviting introduction to the world of K.E.P.

We too must evolve and emerge anew, as the times change and with Klein Epstein & Parker’s new web interface you will see our evolution first hand. We will grow with you, as a companion and as a friend. Editorial photos will change, journal entries will update, and products will come and go, but we will be here every step of the way and through our new social media initiative we hope to further our dialogue with you and strengthen our relationships – both new and old. Accompany us on this new journey and style on, my good compadres.


Klein Epstein & Parker



Miray Bik