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Klein Epstein & Parker is excited to announce our collaboration with Liv, a global lifestyle community all about living life, exactly as you imagined.

Liv offers its members exclusive access to unique, curated life experiences around the world. We’re excited to help you create Made to Measure perfect epic experiences.

Don’t just imagine your dream life. Liv it!


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Liv List Global offers a diverse collection of selectively created and curated experiences that offer unique life moments, exclusive access and special treatment

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Liv List Local shares a list of experiences designed and hosted by fellow Liv Members for easily accessible and more intimate group settings within your local communities

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Liv List Travel gives you access to your own personal travel portal with 110% best price promise and insider deals on hotels, vacation rentals, flights, cruises, activities, car rentals and more

… and so much more

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Liv’s platform features its own currency called Liv Coins, and makes earning coins effortless. You can earn Liv Coins just by signing up, referring a friend, or attending a local event. You’ll even get coins deposited monthly, just for being a member!

The best part is that Liv coins can be used to book Liv List Global Experiences and other amazing events!

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