Our Story

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K.E.P.'s founders were invested in creating a brand new custom clothing concept, with a state of ehe art Made-to-Measure experience, based solely around the desire to give others their own personal voice. In a society dominated by large corporate fashion retailers who lack true craftsmanship, artistry, honesty, or integrity. K.E.P. was born to combat the mundanity of mass-production, in an effort to create their own lane and start a style liberation movement. 

K.E.P. is built around a community of like-minded individuals as a means to spread the word and to help build a society based around confidence, self-worth, and personal growth. 

Klein Epstein & Parker is a recognized regional innovator in the fashion apparel and suiting marketplaces throughout the Western United States. The company has established locations in key markets throughout California to initiate a movement within this niche fashion segment. The brand’s reputation has been built on a truly revolutionary process for all to shop with an unrivaled customer experience, superior product quality, innovative thinking and the opportunity for a consumer to have the freedom in deciding how they want to look, dress and ultimately feel.