Our Mission

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Our mission is simple, it starts with altering the perception of what is possible with a fashion retail experience. At K.E.P. there's no more buying the best of the worst clothing, or the style that is the closest to a certain preference, or the dreaded feeling most people get when they suddenly realize that they need to shop for clothing. We've completely eliminated that and the pressures that customers develop when they're in an uneasy shopping environment.

Each K.E.P. location is cozy, warm and elegant yet approachable. Clients are offered a beverage, while stylishly upbeat music vibrates through the air. Our clients are treated to an outstanding customer service experience the moment they step through our doors, while we helpfully introduced them to the unique process of designing their own clothing. With informative conversation, our clients discover the utterly endless possibilities custom clothing provides. Right down to the buttons, every single component of clothing construction is designed by the client. K.E.P. is a service designed for everyone to craft their own clothing masterpiece, completely unique to their tastes, preferences, size and personal interests.

We truly enjoy taking care of people and introducing them to the best possible look, feel and vision for their own unique style. It’s in our DNA to enjoy not just helping our clients, but transforming them as well. So they can look and feel their absolute best, resulting in a greater sense of confidence and personal fulfillment. Klein Epstein & Parker have built this company only with the client in mind, in every phase of our business model. People truly leave our stores having experienced one of the most memorable shopping experiences in their life. Walking away looking better than they ever could've dream of. When the company was founded and launched, it was with a vision to completely change the way people approach fashion and style. We make it easy and fun for everyone to enjoy shopping.