The Process

Now that you're a K.E.P. client, you'll have the opportunity to participate in your own garment creation process. We advocate that each client should be 100% involved. Let your imagination and inspirations run wild; we won't stop you. Unless you're really into ruffles - then we'll have to put our foot down. 

Our experienced K.E.P. tailors will assist in helping you hone your own unique vision. They act as a guide through your Made-to-Measure style quest. This is about you, not us. We aren't trying to sell you a prepackaged image. 

Now lets get creating shall we? I think we shall. 

·    You choose your fabric. 

·    You choose your lining.

·    You customize your threading.

·    Take your best pick of our wide selection of button options. 

·    You select the perfect embroidery or monogram.

*There are many more style details to choose in the creation process for your own made-to-measure fashion. You'll find things you never knew existed. The options are utterly endless.*