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This is by far one of the most important days of your entire adult life, but don't worry. Take a deep breath because we're here to help. We at K.E.P. specialize in creating the perfect Wedding Day attire, so you can rest easy knowing that you're going to look smashing.  

We promise that there's absolutely nothing better than a custom suit made precisely to your personal specifications. Hold your head up high and stand tall. Wear it with pride, and enjoy your special day with a fully personalized, one-of-a-kind piece. 

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To begin, we offer a wide array of elegant fabric options, whether you’re looking to wear a traditional black tuxedo, a sharp 3-piece suit, or a themed ensemble. We will create exactly what you desire. 

You'll also have the luxury of personalizing your garment to your style specifications with details including linings, buttons, thread coloring, and embroidery to put your personal mark on your Big Day wardrobe. After you've decided on the perfect look and style, we'll then go through our one-time fitting process and create your unique pattern to begin production.

The final outcome will be grander than anything you could've ever imagined. You'll walk away with the perfect tux or suit, custom-made with you and your big day in mind. Now go get hitched. Drink and be merry and dance the night away while you look like a trillion bucks. 

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Don’t go through the stress and hassle of an off-the-rack purchase or dare we say it, a RENTAL. Please don't do it. We shudder just thinking about it. 

Klein Epstein & Parker are the purveyors of affordable Made-to-Measure fashion. Our goal is simple, to produce high quality Made-to-Measure at accessible pricing.

Suits begin at $698, Tuxedos at $998 and Shirts at $198. What's even better, you'll be able to wear your brand new Tuxedo or Suit time and time again. This isn't some one-time purchase. We've just helped you create the perfect piece for your wedding day and the best new addition to your daily wardrobe.

You. Are. Welcome. 

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WEDding Party

 We can even accommodate your Wedding Party needs.  We can duplicate and replicate your personalized look. Your Wedding Party will be as sharp and stylish as you are, making your big day just that much sweeter. The last thing you want is series of bad tuxedo rentals ruining your wedding photos, because you'll just have to burn them later. (We really hate suit rentals. Just don't do it.)


Check out how great our clients look in their custom

Klein Epstein & Parker!



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